Blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric

Leverage UCX Blockchain-as-a-Service to be the best source of integrity for your highly sensitive and confidential information.

The Ultimate Solution for Data Integrity

UCX Blockchain-as-a-Service is a concept where features of blockchain technology are encapsulated in the form of a service. Furthermore, other services can use it to store and retrieve information without having to know anything about the technology itself.

Here, we are going to break down its key characteristics and explain how it works.

Distributed Ledger – UCX Blockchain is built on top of Hyperledger Fabric to utilize distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger Fabric enables us to build a trusted storage service using a fully decentralized ledger on a blockchain network.

Consensus – We use Apache Kafka as our consensus mechanism. It’s a Crash Fault Tolerant (or CFT for short) implementation that uses a “leader and follower” node configuration. Kafka utilizes a ZooKeeper ensemble for management purposes.

Trusted Storage – UCX Blockchain implements smart contracts using Hyperledger Fabric (they are referred to as chaincodes on Hyperledger Fabric). They serve to manage security and data integrity of files stored using Trusted Storage feature. We follow the off-chain file storage approach for making file storage cost-effective and secure at the same time.

Instantly upgrade Object Storage into Trusted Storage

Get the optimal protection for your critical business data. This is all possible with UCX Blockchain and our government-grade AES-256 encryption.

Super Simple – Turn your Object Storage into UCX Trusted Storage with just one click.

Are you tired of going through arduous procedures to ensure data integrity? We understand! That’s why during storage deployment you have the option of enabling our Trusted Storage capability. When you activate it, your storage will be upgraded on the spot with Blockchain and government-grade encryption. That’s all it takes, really.

Completely Free – Turning your Object Storage into UCX Trusted Storage is optional and completely free of charge! Taking this step allows you to maximize security and reliability for your data without risk.

UCX Blockchain Features

Every file stored is encrypted using U.S. government-grade AES-256 encryption algorithm which ensures rock-solid security. AES-256 got its name because of the bit size it supports, which is by far the largest any encryption standard has achieved to handle. Furthermore, it’s essentially unbreakable and protects data with a variety of options beyond normal encryption methods. This makes it the strongest encryption standard to date.

Data integrity comes as a part of the nature of blockchain itself. When you create a transaction and it’s added to the chain, that information can’t be modified due to the technology’s immutable nature. Each file you store at UCX using the Trusted Storage feature will generate a unique hash for the file’s content. This hash will be then preserved in a blockchain transaction. As the blockchain ledger is immutable, we can guarantee the data’s integrity.

An additional layer of security for your data are permissions that define the access level of a user to a stored file in the blockchain. This comes from its most fundamental feature discussed above, that of Data Integrity. Some blockchain platforms have already integrated permissions into them by predefining permissions in the first block (Genesis block) that are later modifiable with additional blocks that revise the previous one.

Our technology includes a Certificate Authority node which is used by all MSPs (Membership Service Provider) and is responsible for managing the identities of all users on the network. MSPs identify actions within the network using certificates generated by CA node its users. This makes any communication between UCX Blockchain network nodes highly secure and reliable.

Deploy Wasabi Hot Storage

Wasabi is among our partners who provide object storage that supports the S3 API. This ensures a flexible integration, scalability, and simplicity.

Furthermore, Wasabi Storage costs 80% less compared to AWS and presents a great S3-compatible option for organizations looking to increase value for less money.

They are an example of how S3-compatible providers are able to streamline the purchasing process and monitor the usage of object storage.

Available Regions

Wasabi us-east-1
Digital Realty (Ashburn VA)
Iron Mountain (Manassas, VA)

Wasabi us-east-2
Iron Mountain (Manassas, VA)

Wasabi us-west-1
Flexential (Hillsboro, OR)

Wasabi eu-central-1
Equinix (Amsterdam,