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Lawyers need the cloud too?

In an article on the website about the use of Cloud services in the legal world (found here), it becomes apparent that no part of the economy is immune to the advances in technology. Lawyers, much like any other group of professionals, are subject to the same scrutiny and

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An evolution from brokers to the cloud

As someone who has been attending the FIA (Futures Industry Association) show since the mid ‘80’s, I can say, without hesitation, that the show has changed dramatically. The show used to be focused on brokers and traders of derivatives, but now the FIA has become a showcase for the technologies

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The ‘Cloud’ Commoditized

As a former board member of the CME Group, there were few things which were painfully apparent; The IT budget becomes a ‘black hole’ for capital and resources if not managed properly.  And more important, advances in technology creates opportunity for efficiency and increased Operating Margins. Case in point would

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An exchange needs two sides of the market

In a recent press release, Launch of Cloud Exchange brings Equinix’s investment in Ireland to more than €18.5M, the concepts of an exchange to better serve end users comes through loud and clear.  Unfortunately, although Equinix is on the right path, this solution is not the entire answer. Being a conduit

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A Generational Shift

The entire world is going through a generational shift right before our very eyes, as we witness ‘the cloud’, and all its effects, change our lives forever. In a recent article written on LinkedIn by Naveen Joshi titled, 6 ways AI is impacting the finance industry, Joshi makes it clear we

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