Multi-Cloud Management

A compute and storage delivery platform for buying and selling cloud infrastructure

Leverage the UCX Multi-Cloud Management application as a buyer or seller to introduce new types of automated cloud services.

multi-cloud management

Make your cloud resources consumable with your very own web application

The UCX Multi-Cloud Management application allows vendors to connect their cloud offerings to be provisioned on-demand through a web based application. We work with the top Compute and Storage providers to cloud resources to their clients on demand. 

Compute Management

Link your existing cloud accounts to import your existing virtual servers to see all resources from one view. Deploy servers on-demand and SSH access directly from the UCX Cloud Console.

S3 Compatible Object Storage

Add cloud automation to your Storage system to unlock new types of customers. 

UCX Trusted Storage

Easily upgrade your storage into UCX Trusted Storage with our cutting-edge Blockchain Technology.


UCX works with a number of cloud infrastructure providers as well as S3 compatible storage providers.

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