Platform Integrations

A Platform that Works with Endless Integrations

Do more with platform integrations. ERP systems, CRM, Cloud Deployment, Services Tickets, Sales systems – you name it, UCXmarket integrates with it.

platform integrations

Do things the efficient way

Make use of UCXmarket’s full potential. Our platform can be integrated with any 3d party systems to automate your workflow and run your operations seamlessly.

Countless Possibilities

Automate your deployment and billing process, enhance communication workflows, boost your sales, upgrade your customer experience, and much more!

We’ve built UCXmarket to easily fit your existing ecosystem, so you can streamline processes and solve any business challenge that comes your way.

We have developed an interface that is easy to use and super-charged it with Elasticsearch to provide lightning-fast object loading and search results so you can search across file names, tags or other metadata.

These performances plus the integrations of your choice create the ideal combination, tailored to accelerate your business growth.

Here are a couple of examples of the platform integrations we’ve done.
DigitalOcean Direct Deployment
digital ocean

No matter what kind of website, application or project that you plan to run on DigitalOcean, they have the right virtual-machine to power your business. With our integration, you’re able to directly deploy DigitalOcean compute solutions to provide your business with efficiency, flexibility, and speed.

Get the flexibility you need to get up and going quickly. Select a Standard or Performance SSD Droplet and customize from there.

Wasabi Hot Storage Integration and Automatic Billing

Our Wasabi Hot Storage integration enables you to deploy storage buckets on-demand from an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This integration allows for S3 compatibility so we can interface easily with your existing storage and web applications.

With 4 cloud regions available and no storage tiers, you’re able to store unlimited data at an incredibly affordable price!

That’s not all. Via our Automatic Billing integration, you can directly buy Wasabi Hot Storage through UCXmarket. No need for tedious back and forth – you need it, you get it!

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