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Tailored Services to Boost your Business

Our Managed Hosting packages are customizable, including the core maintenance, optimization, and patching tasks that can be adjusted to work for you.

What we offer:

Container Orchestration

Managing the life cycle of your containers, especially in dynamic environments, can be taxing and time-consuming. We’re here to change that!

How it works is our software teams use container orchestration to automate and control numerous tasks, including:

To do that, we utilize the most advanced technology for this service:


An open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containers.


An orchestration tool that can package and run applications as containers and deploy a container on a laptop, server or cloud (public cloud or private).


A software platform that leverages other orchestration solutions to provide a unified control plane.

Talk to us! Keep your containers intact and make business easy for you.

Public Cloud Support

Moving to the cloud can be an exciting yet frightening journey as it affects many aspects of your business. You need expertise and support to settle comfortably and we can help you with that!
We offer support for DigitalOcean – a cloud provider focused on scalability and flexibility.

DigitalOcean offers multiple compute solutions to provide your business with flexibility:

No matter what kind of website, application or project that you plan to run on DigitalOcean, they have the right virtual-machine to power your business. With hourly pricing and flat pricing across all data centers, you can ensure you are paying for the right amount of infrastructure.

WordPress Hosting

Focus on perfecting your business while scratching the dry management, upgrades, and security tasks out of your list. How so? By having our experts complete them for you!
We have result-obsessed professionals that are committed to making your WordPress experience effortless and rewarding.

To achieve that, we use WP Engine – enterprise-level technology that handles the complexity of WordPress hosting and helps you easily grow your business.

The time it takes for your website to load should be the same as people’s attention spans – short. With us, you keep it that way.