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Diversify your revenue stream

Choose from hundreds of brands and thousands of products. Become an affiliate and reach your full revenue potential.





Up to 50%


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Sell and earn the easy way

Designed for growth and ease of access. With our affiliate program, you receive hands-on support from your initial setup to your first sale and beyond.

No investment

No inventory management

No order fulfillment

Get your custom-tailored affiliate store

As an affiliate with UCX, we’ll build your own online store that reflects your identity. Select, combine, and diversify your product portfolio through different brands. Present them all on your personalized storefront. Cater to everything your audience needs.

But how much does it cost? It’s FREE!

Who is the program for?

Whether you’re an industry leader or a fresh new face, we empower you to become a successful affiliate. Turn a profit from your brand or identity.


Collaborate with as many brands as you want and showcase their products on your affiliate store.

  • Monetize your follower base
  • Build profitable partnerships with brands
  • Only sell what you believe in
  • Get paid commissions automatically for each sale

You get full creative control, from your affiliate store setup to the way you promote products.


Combine different products from different providers to better cater to your customer base.

  • Get an online affiliate store that’s in par with your brand
  • Turn your store into a diverse product portfolio
  • Combine different products from different providers
  • Cater to your customer base by cross-selling products

Connect with brands that complement your services, sell products on your online store.

Experience the affiliate effect!

Work flexibly — anywhere, anytime

You are in charge of your own store, and your own time. You decide when and where you want to work and how much you want to commit to your affiliate store.

Represent and earn

Build profitable partnerships through our brand portfolio and start selling online. You don't have to invest upfront, manage inventory, or fulfill the orders. Increase your sales not your workflow.

Full creative control

We adapt your identity or branding into your personalized store on our platform. You add credibility to your brand and identity through the products you sell.

Get paid automatically

You are notified for every successful sale, view them all on our platform. Everything is automated. Including commissions.

Your path to online revenue starts here!


Take your first steps

Becoming a UCX affiliate is effortless. We serve as the link between you and the brand. You simply choose the brands and products you want to sell. We create your personalized store on our platform and add the products to the storefront.


Drive traffic to your new store

To start earning, promote your new store. We want you to be successful. You get everything you need, including marketing collateral and support. Promote, make your store known, and watch your earnings go up.


Drive revenue

Earn up to 50% commission for every product you sell through your storefront. Who gets what from every sale is fully transparent and automated. You focus on your passion. Our platform handles the rest.

The most frequent questions. Answered.

Simply fill out the form to get started. We’ll serve as the link between you and brands. You browse the brands of your choice, and you decide which of their products you want to pick.  

Products you’ve picked are added to your personalized store. From content to theme, you have full creative control on how you want your store to look.

UCX connects you with amazing brands from a variety of sectors. You can sell products from any of them. Or add multiple products from multiple brands to your store, to create a diverse product portfolio. 

The brands you sell receive and process orders coming from your store, and do the order fulfillment (drop-shipping). You only focus on sales. The brand handles the rest.

Yes. You’re assigned a dedicated affiliate manager, who’ll be your point of contact at all times. From choosing brands and picking products, to store setup and making affiliate sales. We’ll guide you through everything.

No. You just need to sign up once and you will get all the products at one place on your store. You simply choose the products you want to include to your store, and notify your affiliate manager. We handle the rest. 

You can always expand the number of products you have on your store, or brands you collaborate with. Adding more as you scale and grow.

Yes. There’s no hidden catch, the store is free. We want to incentivise our affiliates to invest in marketing and promoting their storefronts, instead of paying us a subscription. 

We do the store setup and help you with everything including managing it and maintenance. Regardless of the brands and products featured on your store, the store is yours

The affiliate doesn’t pay. But who does? We ask brands to pay a subscription to get listed on our platform, where their products are picked by you, the affiliate, and we take a small percentage of the commissions made available by the brands.

You get paid automatically for every successful sale coming in through your store. The product prices and commissions are transparent, so you’ll know how much you make for every sale.

You can get paid up to 50% commission for products. Once a sale is made, our platform processes payments and calculates commission. Payouts are automated, so you get paid commissions on time, every time.

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