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Bring your market to life with tech stack that transforms the way you do business.

Endless Opportunities with UCX

UCX has developed a cutting-edge platform that leverages all the latest trends in modern cloud architecture and deployment. What that means for you is a highly flexible and configurable platform designed to help you get your new web experience to market faster!



Enterprise Products

UCX has solutions designed for the virtual business. eCommerce and Cloud Automation is in our DNA. SaaS subscriptions and custom pricing available is to meet any business need.

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The Power of a Platform

The UCXplatform is a powerful set of Applications, Microservices and OpenSource technologies. Reduce ramp up time and accelerate go to market plans.

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Out of the Box Integrations

We are API driven and offer out of the box native 3rd party integrations.  Our integrations can allow you to automate workflows or configure to work with existing service accounts.  

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Blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric

Leverage UCX Blockchain to be the best source of integrity for your highly sensitive and confidential information.


Every file stored is encrypted using U.S. government-grade AES-256 encryption algorithm


An additional layer of security for your data are permissions that define the access level of a user to a stored file in the blockchain.

Data Integrity

Each file you store at UCX using the Trusted Storage feature will generate a unique hash for the file’s content.


Our technology includes a Certificate Authority node which is used by all MSPs (Membership Service Provider)

Technical Minds here to Help

Boost your brand by leveraging our wide range of skillsets. From software developers to designers, to sales agents, UCX is here to help. Need a sales channel for your offerings? We got you covered with that as well!