Are you looking to






5 or 5000+ resellers and distributors.
Manage them all in one central location.

Keep track of sales activities, manage products, commissions, and orders.
All from one SaaS-based platform. Let us show you how!

Replace long processes with easy-to-use SaaS-based tools

Swap manual operations, phone calls, and emails, with automated price setting, product updates, and commission payouts. Everything you do is instantly made available for your channel partners.

Create online stores for channel partners

Equip each of your channel partners with personalized online stores, that they can use to reach out to more customers. You enable your channel partners to sell online in minutes, while you keep tabs across all stores. 

Transform your workflow.

Round up distributors, resellers, affiliates, and influencers in one SaaS-based platform.


Create products and set prices

Build and display products with pictures, attributes, features, or any other product specs. You make your products virtually available to your channel partners, we add them to their stores. 

Set product prices and instantly update product descriptions and availability, throughout all channel partner stores. Our team provides hands-on support every step of the way!


Manage inventory efficiently

Track your inventory and sales, and keep accurate inventory numbers. With a virtual product stock, you make sure sales run smoothly and know how many products you have left after each sale. 

Reduce the risk of overselling, avoid stock-outs and excess stocks, and know when it’s time to replenish inventory, with real-time stock levels.

Price Books

Create and share price books on the spot

Custom or default. Create and assign price books, control retail price, set profit percentages and discounts for all channel partners, in one location.

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Automate commission payouts for a new level of efficiency

Set custom commission rates, and pay commissions automatically to your channel partners for every sale they make. Streamline payouts. Build trust. Increase satisfaction.

Shopify Integration

Link Shopify stores. Unify channel sales.

Connect one or more Shopify stores to UCX for unified management of orders, products, and resellers. Sync sales in real-time in both channels, and import products from Shopify to distribute to more affiliates.

It’s how you consolidate channel sales!

Avalara AvaTax Integration

Fast, accurate, and automated tax solutions

Get a precise tax rate calculation for every product sold through UCX. With the Avalara AvaTax integration, you get a precise tax rate calculation for every product based on geolocation.

Stay compliant with rate changes at every address through automated tax calculation.

Customize your channel, uniquely for your needs

Power up your channel with integrations that connect to your SaaS tools.

Meet reseller demand by dropshipping

Make your products virtually available. Your resellers and distributors showcase the products in their online stores, and never run out of stock (unless you do).

The buyer places the order on the reseller/distributor store.

The order is registered into your online ordering portal within UCX.

You fulfill the order and receive the payment.

Commission is paid automatically to the seller.

See how easily you can make it happen.

They have the freedom to sell more. You have the tools to improve seller accountability, tracking all orders and sales with transparency.

Tempest empowered their athletes to become brand representatives​


Sell more through our affiliates

Manage sales, track orders, enhance communication, and upgrade your customer experience.
Let us show you how!

Tap into new markets

Leverage the existing UCX Affiliate Network to market your products. With each affiliate, you web out into new market segments. Save time and energy. Get more sales. You have more sellers doing the work for you.

Get access to our existing affiliate network

Market your product through niche influencers.

You fill in the form to get your brand listed in the Brand Directory.

We create your products and introduce UCX Affiliates to your products and brand.

Our affiliates pick up and sell your products through their custom-branded affiliate stores.

From showcasing your brand on our Brand Directory to matching you with affiliates. Our team will do it for you!

Automate payouts for each affiliate

Take the complexity out of paying affiliates. We do the accounting for each sale, settle all the balances, and pay all the parties involved. Your affiliates receive commissions on time, every time.

Easy and cost-effective. You schedule payouts on a monthly or weekly basis, we automate payments for successful sales made by affiliates.

Your brand on our Brand Directory

The Brand Directory is all about connecting you with affiliates. You bring your products to UCX. We put them in front of our affiliate network, listing your brand in our Brand Directory. 

Your brand, front and center!

High Energy Labs is growing brand exposure one affiliate at a time


Easy to get started, easier to earn

Pick up products from the brands of your choice. Sell them through your own personalized store.

No investment

No inventory management

No order fulfillment

Sell through your custom-tailored affiliate store

As a UCX Affiliate, you have your own online store that reflects your personal brand. Products of your choice are added to your storefront. Combine different products from different providers, to turn your store into a diverse product portfolio that caters to your audience.

Monetize your influence

Turn out a profit from your creative work as an influencer. UCX connects you with amazing brands from a variety of sectors. We design your storefront as an extension of your influencer brand, adding products that are in line with your values. 

Collaborate with multiple brands and attract your audience in one location.

Transparent commission rates

Know exactly how much you’ll get paid for each product you sell. You have the freedom to earn as much as you want. Focus on sales, and watch your earnings grow.

An affiliate program for the creator economy

Earn extra income with no financial risk. You get a personalized online store to reflect your personal brand.

Pick up and sell products from the brands of your choice listed in the Brand Directory.

Each order is registered with the Brand, who does the order fulfillment via dropshipping.

Receive commissions for each successful sale made through your affiliate store.

Commissions are paid automatically for each sale. Your payout is guaranteed!

Crosstown Chiropractic unlocked a new stream of income with cutting-edge wellness solutions


Your personalized online store, on a UCX platter

Get a highly-converting online store. Efficient, clean look, seamless checkout – and a team that’s committed to providing high-quality customer support


Beautiful. Drag-and-drop. Fully customizable.

Cut storefront development time from months to days. Your online store is customized with powerful visuals, intuitive design, and flexible layouts.

Product Builder

Crisp product display, with custom configurations

Create and configure any product with an easy-to-use product builder. Pictures, attributes, features, or any other product specs are easily applied with the click of a button.


Flexible payment processors. No redirection.

Your buyers pay and checkout directly from your online store. Accept payments from virtually anywhere in the world ー easy, fast, and with guaranteed security.

Get your personalized online store

Manage sales, track orders, enhance communication, and upgrade your customer experience.

Nature’s 86 replatformed from Amazon to UCX

We’re hands-on with everything ー except your profits

UCX’s competent team is at the ready for onboarding, setup, dedicated support, and consulting. We walk you through everything you need to know, handle all technical needs, and provide continued support!