Product Builder

Build and customize any product

From the smallest tangible item to highly configurable solutions, our Product Builder allows for anything to be built, displayed, and sold in a few minutes!

Product Builder Page Featured Image
Product Builder Page Featured Image

Create and configure any product or solution

The UCX Product Builder enables you to sell even the most complex products. Pictures, attributes, features, or any other product specs can be easily applied with the click of a button and you’ll see everything come together in a crisp product card display.

Product Builder Page Featured Image
Product Builder Page Featured Image

Create a dominant impression through product visualization

Add useful and inspiring product details in your product description, or create an impressive overview page that sets your product apart.

On the Product Overview page you add all your product benefits, guides, explanatory videos, upload images, add illustrations, include icons, integrate forms, and more.

Productize anything.
No manual coding required.

Get the ultimate product building experience with custom configurations for your products.
Attributes Image

Add attributes to
your products

Set different unit types and add colors, labels, buttons, dropdown menus, and more through attributes.

Variants Image

Add variants for any and
all product options

Allow customers to choose different product options (such as size or color) with product variants.

Categories Image

Create categories and
optimize search filters

Empower your customers to easily find the products they need through categorization and filtering options.

Product Builder Page Featured Image

Upgrade customer experience by visualizing your products

Infuse your eCommerce experience with rich product options and powerful visuals.
Your customers engage and sample your products virtually and you sell more.

Product Builder Page Featured Image

Add custom solutions for your products. Talk to our team to learn how!