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Automate commission payouts for your channel partners

Manage commissions for resellers and distributors through your UCX portal. You easily set custom commission rates and automate calculation, payouts, reporting, and more.
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Set and manage commissions

Simplify the selling process and accurately calculate sales commissions.
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Boost partner performance.
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Monitor sales with full transparency.
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Pay fast and accurate commissions.
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Assign commissions through your UCX portal

Set custom commission rates for your distributors and resellers. They receive commissions through automated payouts on an ongoing basis.

No administrative cost. No errors. No late payouts.

Manage channel sales effortlessly

Automate commission payouts to manage channel sales the smart way. With the UCX Platform you: 

  • Track sales in real time, with full transparency.
  • Calculate exact commission and remove manual calculation errors.
  • Schedule commission payouts on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Execute timely commission payouts in compliance with reseller and distributor contracts.

Attract and retain top sellers through custom commission rates

Enjoy the flexibility of growing your reseller and distributor network. The platform is designed to meet all your channel management needs.

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Onboard your resellers and distributors by creating custom stores where they showcase and sell your products.

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Automate commissions and order processing to collaborate with more resellers and distributors in less time.

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You benefit from more sales, and your resellers and distributors get paid automatically for every sale they make.

Manage channel sales the smart way by automating commission payouts.

Use Case

Company: Incrediwear.

Problem: Incrediwear needed to transform part of their selling strategy to include selling online and create an easy way to collaborate with their resellers and distributors. Additionally, they needed a Channel Management Platform for eCommerce where they could manage all resellers, distributors, and channel sales in one location.

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Solution: Create a portal at UCX to manage partners and channel sales and create custom stores for their partners to get them started with eCommerce

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Incrediwear Portal

Incrediwear is an industry-leading provider of anti-inflammatory recovery wear. To help them sell their products online through distributors and resellers, and keep track of all sales, UCX provided Incrediwear with a highly configurable, variable, and scalable platform. 

The UCX Platform empowers Incrediwear to manage all channel sales and their distributor and reseller network in one central location.

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Incrediwear Storefronts for Sellers

Example: The Gym MPLS. 

Incrediwear built a custom online store for The Gym MPLS and connected it with the Incrediwear portal. Through their portal, Incrediwear created price books and automated commission payouts for The Gym MPLS.

The Gym MPLS sells Incrediwear products through their personalized storefront, while Incrediwear receives and fulfills the orders for every product The Gym MPLS sells.

The Gym MPLS gets paid a commission for every Incrediwear product sold through their store.

Results: 27 % increase in channel visibility 25+ products with variants made virtually available  for their 5000+ member network of resellers & distributors