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High Energy Labs is growing brand exposure one affiliate at a time

High Energy Labs was looking to increase brand visibility. They wanted to help more people through their products, expanding market reach through affiliates. The UCX Platform gives High Energy Labs the necessary tools and features to sell more through affiliates and manage all sales in one central location.

High Energy Labs, the highest quality nutrition formulations based on science and research

High Energy Labs was founded in 2001 as an anti-aging and sports nutrition company. They develop the best 100% natural nutritional products, for individuals who want to be their best and live happier healthier lives.With their safe and effective products, they inspire individuals and their loved ones to better themselves and make a difference in the world.

Their products provide the right combination of pure micronutrients for immediate results in reaching fitness and nutrition goals.

How High Energy Labs leverages the UCX Platform

High Energy Labs was looking to grow brand exposure and sell more products through affiliates, while still being in charge of their sales. We suggested High Energy Labs get listed in our Brand Directory where they’d have access to our extended UCX Affiliate Network.

Interested affiliates pick up and sell products. High Energy Labs manages all orders through their ordering portal within the UCX Platform. To make getting started with UCX easy, we set up everything for High Energy Labs from the storefront, ordering portal, price books, and more, and provide dedicated support through our Business Development Representatives.

This is how UCX empowers brands to sell more through affiliates:

Get Visibility

Increase Visibility

The Brand is listed in the Brand Directory, where their products become available for the UCX Affiliate Network.



UCX matches the Brand with affiliates that are interested in picking up and selling their products.

Manage Sales

Manage Sales

The Brand manages product prices, sets commissions for affiliates, and tracks all orders.

Sales coming from affiliate stores appear in the Brand’s online ordering portal.

Fulfill Orders

Fulfill Orders

Affiliates sell products and get paid commission automatically for the sales made.

The Brand manages and fulfills all orders coming from affiliate stores.

Grow your network with qualified affiliates

UCX provides Brands on the Brand Directory with on-demand affiliate recruitment. Through drip campaigns, we scope out the industry and identify, filter, and qualify potential affiliates. Our dedicated Business Development Representatives introduce the qualified leads to the Brand, nurture them, and onboard them as new affiliates with their own custom store.

Streamline online selling

As a Brand on the UCX Platform, High Energy Labs has access to a range of solutions that UCX provides for its partners: 


Outreach and marketing add ons


Onboarding and support

Networking B2B

Networking B2B

Use the UCX network to increase revenue and exposure through affiliates.