Vitamins & Supplements Industry

Provide vitamins and supplements efficiently

Empower buyers to choose healthy lifestyles practically, by providing easy online access to your products. 

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Sell vitamins & supplements online

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Vitamins & Supplements Industry

Sell vitamins & supplements online

Get a powerful storefront to sell vitamins and supplements online, with ease. 


How to stay relevant in the evolving market of vitamins & supplements?

Sell vitamins & supplements through a highly-converting online store. You productize and monetize anything — tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, drinks, energy bars, and more.

Customized theming and a drag-and-drop builder to update your online store in minutes.

Friendly product builder to visualize your vitamin & supplement products with ease.

A central location to track and manage orders online with full transparency.


Vegepower is leveraging the UCX Affiliate Network

Vegepower is a natural vitamin dietary supplement provider. To sell more of their high-quality products, they decided to leverage the UCX Affiliate Network.

Vegepower brought their products to UCX.

We put the Vegepower products in front of our extended affiliate network, listing them in the Brand Directory.

Our affiliates pick up and sell Vegepower products through their custom-branded affiliate stores.

Grow market reach, and attract more customers through affiliates.

Channel Sales

Looking to find a better way to work with your product resellers and distributors?

Manage all your distributors, resellers, and eCommerce channel sales in one central location! Each of your resellers and distributors gets their personalized online stores, connected to your Channel. 

Leverage custom-designed features that simplify channel sales management

Price books ー set, update, and manage product prices instantly.

Commissions ー set custom commission rates and automate calculation, payouts, reporting, and more.

Expand your network of resellers and distributors. You grow the number of stores connected to your Channel, update content, prepare storefronts for promotions, and more ー on demand.

Tired of being directed to some “Do it yourself!” video?

Unlike other platforms, UCX’s competent team is at the ready for store setup, dedicated support, and consulting. We walk you through everything you need to know, handle all technical needs, and provide continued support — succeeding together!

You don’t just get our tools, you also get our team!

Simplify distributor & reseller management

Looking to simplify the way you work with your resellers and distributors? With the UCX Platform, you manage product updates, distribution, commissions, and payouts for a large number of distributors and resellers, in one central location.

  • A unified selling experience for you, your resellers, and distributors
  • Unique software for real-time sales tracking with full transparency, for all your channel sales
  • Digital price books that can be created, shared, and managed with ease
  • Automated commissions, to set custom commission rates, automate payouts, streamline reporting, and more
  • Strong eCommerce side powered up with custom themes, beautiful visuals, and intuitive designs
  • Robust integrations that connect to your SaaS tools
  • Top-tier support: our dedicated Business Development Representative walks you through everything you need to know, handles all technical needs, and provides continued support

Sell more products & expand market reach through affiliates

Looking to increase exposure and sales for your vitamin & supplement business? UCX figured a new way to help you tap into new markets, increase brand visibility and sell more through affiliates.

  • Access to the entire UCX Affiliate Network
  • Schedule and automate commission payouts for all your resellers and distributors
  • Track all your affiliate sales through the UCX Platform
  • Have more sellers doing the work for you
  • Save time and energy in marketing and sales efforts
  • Top-tier service: from start to finish, our team provides you with the hands-on support you need

Easy to get started. Easier to earn.

Start earning as an affiliate for vitamins & supplements. With UCX you become an affiliate for the highly-sought vitamin & supplement industry, sell products from your affiliate storefront, and get payouts automatically.

  • Access to an extended list of reputable vitamin & supplement brands
  • Pick up and sell products from more than one brand
  • A personalized affiliate store customized uniquely to you
  • Automated commission payouts for every sale made through your store
  • Transparent commission rates, so you know exactly how much you are making for each sale
  • Best in class customer service: from setting up your affiliate store to making your first sale. Our dedicated Business Development Representative provides you with all the support you need

A highly-converting online store for your vitamins & supplements

Looking for an eCommerce platform that does justice to your products? With UCX you build a highly-converting storefront and showcase your products with ease.

  • Fully branded storefront with custom pages and secure checkout
  • Powerful eCommerce tools:  drag and drop customizable themes, powerful product builder
  • Rich integrations, including Avalara AvaTax and Shopify
  • Manage orders and inventory in one central location
  • Marketing and sales outreach, and more.
  • Hands-on dedicated support: our team provides a human touch and an eCommerce experience that can’t be had online alone