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Tempest empowered their athletes to become brand representatives

Managing product updates, distribution, commissions, and payouts with a large number of athletes is difficult. With the UCX Platform, Tempest found the loophole to simplify management, reward affiliates, and grow their channel sales at the speed of their athletes.

Tempest, dominating the freerunning sport

Tempest Freerunning is a driving force behind the freerunning sport in the city of LA. They work with international sponsored athletes, create next-level media, and teach the sport through their innovative Academies. 

They were looking for a solution to help their athletes benefit by selling Tempest trendsetting apparel and freerunning shoes. We suggested the UCX Channel as an ideal fit.

How Tempest Freerunning leveraged the UCX Platform

The UCX Platform allows Tempest Freerunning to easily onboard athletes, equip them with personalized online stores, and enable them to sell online in minutes

Working with our Business Development Representative, Tempest received hands-on onboarding support, instead of tutorials and a “Do it yourself’ approach.

How Tempest took channel sales by storm

Leveraging the UCX Platform empowered Tempest to simplify the way they manage channel sales.



Each Tempest affiliate gets their personalized online store, connected to the Tempest Channel. We add the Tempest products and they appear on their storefront.



Tempest manages product prices, sets commissions, and tracks all orders.

Sales coming from their affiliate athlete stores appear in the Tempest online ordering portal.



The Tempest Freerunning Channel is easily scalable, allowing Tempest to expand their network of athletes, grow the number of stores connected to their Channel, update content, prepare storefronts for promotions, and more ー on-demand.



Tempest benefits from UCX Outreach Solutions to grow their channel sales, boost their digital presence or recruit more affiliates. We scope out their industry, identify, filter, and qualify potential affiliates, and onboard them to the Tempest Channel.

Simplify affiliate management

Tempest uses the Channel features to create price books, manage product prices, assign commissions, set discounts, track product sales, orders, and more. Everything is available instantly for both Tempest and its athletes.

Automation takes away the complexity and removes the need for endless communication cycles.

No More Spreadsheets for Inventory Management

No more spreadsheets for inventory management

No More Lengthy In-person Sales Meetings

No more lengthy in-person sales meetings

No more back-and-forth with emails, fax, and phone calls

Manage relationships, streamline processes and work with a wide network of athletes​

With their UCX Channel, Tempest sells quickly through athletes, tracks all sales, and experiences visible sustainable growth at a fast pace. They have more control of their channel sales and full ownership of the customer relationship ー all without cutting into their profit margins.

Leverage more UCX Platform capabilities

As a brand on the UCX Platform, Tempest makes use of additional solutions:


Outreach and marketing add ons


Onboarding and support

Networking B2B

Networking B2B

With UCX as a versatile platform, the Channel comes with an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate whether you are tech-savvy or not.

Get your custom-designed Channel and be in control of your product sales and distribution.