Price Books

Create and assign price books for different levels

Create default or custom price books, control wholesale price, and set profit percentages for distributors and resellers, all in one location.

Price Books Page Featured Image
Price Books Page Featured Image

Automate price book management to streamline online sales

Set, update, and manage product prices instantly. You create as many price books for as many products as you’d like, without the hassle of doing the hard work manually.

Price Books Page Featured Image
Price Books Page Featured Image

Improve channel sales management efficiency

Manage channel sales more efficiently and upgrade your performance with price books. Your UCX portal includes the price book feature by default, and you can use it to:

  • Create price books for distributors and resellers.
  • Adapt wholesale prices for specific price books.
  • Assign different prices for different products, and more.


Your distributors and resellers get instant access to the price books you assign to them, eliminating waiting time or redundant back-and-forth communication.

Create and manage price books effortlessly

Manage price books digitally through your UCX portal and reduce oversight in calculating, updating, and organizing product prices.

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Everything is automated — you calculate, update, and manage product prices automatically.

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Shorten communication cycles by giving your distributors and resellers instant access to their price books.

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Remove manual processes like using spreadsheets for product prices, and maintain everything digitally.

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Edit or update digital price books at any time, for specific distributors, resellers, or products.

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