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Nature’s 86 replatformed from Amazon to UCX

Nature’s 86 was looking to switch from Amazon to a platform that helps them expand and sell more online, with better profit rates. With the UCX Platform, they found the efficiency and speed they needed to sell Nature’s 86 and BrandsDR products while cutting down the cost of going online. 

Nature’s 86, the most powerful natural healing and pain relief products on the market

Nature’s 86 is a proud U.S. company located in Minnesota. They procure and produce all ingredients, packaging, labels, and the refining of oil for their products on U.S. soil. With ingredients coming from all-natural renewable resources, Nature’s 86 provides the most effective pain relief and healing oil on the market.

How Nature’s 86 leveraged the UCX Platform

Nature’s 86 was looking to change their online selling provider for an affordable solution with hands-on customer service. They decided to try out the UCX Online Store, which allows them to sell products online without draining their profit margins.

Nature’s 86 extended support team

Nature’s 86 works closely with their appointed UCX Business Development Representative who provides dedicated support and ensures that nothing is on Nature’s 86 to figure out.

UCX provides a human touch and an eCommerce experience that can’t be had online alone.

This is how UCX empowered Nature’s 86 to sell online:



Nature’s 86 receives hands-on support from UCX to build a fully personalized Online Store.



Nature’s 86 sells products through their fully branded online store that can be scaled on demand.



Nature’s 86 sells their product, and cross-sells products from the BrandsDR product line, through their store.



Nature’s 86 monitors all sales and orders in real-time, from one location.

A diversified product portfolio

Besides their own product, Nature’s 86 also sells products from the BrandsDR line through their Online Store at UCX. Nature’s 86 is also listed in the Brand Directory, getting their brand in front of our network of affiliates who can now pick and sell Nature’s 86 products. They work more efficiently, cross-selling products, providing more solutions to their customers.

Streamline online selling

As a seller on the UCX Platform Nature’s 86 makes use of additional solutions:


Outreach and marketing add ons


Onboarding and support

Networking B2B

Networking B2B

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