SendGrid Integration

Send Automated Emails the Smart Way

Instantly follow up with individual customers and let automated emails be an extension of your brand.

The Integration That Drives Results

With the SendGrid integration, we enable sellers to effortlessly send real-time one-to-one automated emails that become an additional source of customer loyalty.

Simple. Automated.

Optimize your user journey and keep your customers engaged with SendGrid. You boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement by automating order confirmation, verification, and other emails into a single platform.

Match Your Brand With Custom Emails

The SendGrid integration allows for your automated emails such as receipts, password resets, verification emails, and more to be sent out from your domain and to get custom-branded with your logo and colors.

Server-Free Email Delivery

Get all the benefits of quick email delivery without the drawbacks of server management.

Sending server-free emails means no technical hassle and more time, money, and energy to focus on what matters for your  business.

SendGrid brings your business to the next level. We bring SendGrid to your business.