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Enhance communication, boost your sales, and upgrade your customer experience with UCX’s online ordering and checkout system.

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Activate direct payments

Allow your buyers to execute payments directly through UCX.

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Accept payments from all major cards

UCX uses the flexible payment processors Stripe and NMI so you can accept payments from virtually anywhere in the world, using all major cards including VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Maestro, and more. All without being redirected from the checkout page.

Direct online payments for all industries

With NMI as a white label payment gateway solution, you accept online payments directly on the platform, for all industries including CBD for Stress Relief.

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Experience a streamlined ordering process. Start selling with UCX.

Sell more, faster, better

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A seamless order management system

From the buying stage to the payment process, you’re able to monitor and manage the entire order lifecycle. Our Business Development Representatives are at your disposal every step of the way.

An independent buyer journey that empowers

There’s no need to walk your buyers through anything when they can simply click through everything. Our ordering methods are time-efficient and allow you to focus on other parts of the process, including quality management.

A streamlined checkout process

Employ our online ordering methods for a seamless experience. With quick navigation and a contactless buying experience you’ll easily convert leads into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers.