Maximize efficiency with the right integrations

Power up your channel with a host of integrations available for you. You speed up information flows and reduce operational costs with integrations that connect with your SaaS tools.

Scale your eCommerce website

From automated emails, Shopify integration, tax automation, and more, you can choose different integrations to power up your eCommerce website.

Shopify integration

Integrate your Shopify account to your portal and create the perfect multi-channel ecosystem for your reseller and distributor management.

  • Unify order management and processing
  • Quickly import products from Shopify & distribute to affiliates
  • Prevent overselling and inventory errors
Integration Page Featured Image
Integration Page Featured Image integration

With the integration, your optimized storefront is just a drag and drop away. Change your design quickly to prepare your storefront for promotions, manage content, or simply tweak your storefront for a refreshed feel.

  • Full creative control
  • Limitless building options
  • Fast customizations

Upgrade your eCommerce website with the right integrations.

Avalara AvaTax integration

Make sure you charge only the right amount of tax, every time. Avalara AvaTax integration provides fast, easy, accurate, and automated tax solutions. 

  • Intuitive and quick
  • Doesn’t require IT support
  • Gives you a precise tax rate calculation for every product.
Integrations Page Featured Image
Integrations Page Featured Image

SendGrid integration

Optimize your customer journey and keep your customers engaged. With SendGrid you effortlessly send real-time one-to-one automated emails that become an additional source of customer loyalty.

  • Quick email delivery
  • Custom-branded emails
  • Increased customer engagement
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