Integrations to connect with your SaaS tools

We have off-the-shelf integrations that can automate processes and work with the same tools you already use.

AWS Servers

  • AWS account linking
  • EC2 instance import
  • EC2 pricing 
  • Add/delete instances

Alibaba Cloud

  • Alibaba Cloud account linking
  • Instance import
  • ECS pricing 
  • Add/delete instances

Digital Ocean

  • Digital Ocean account linking
  • Droplet import
  • Droplet pricing
  • Add/Delete Droplets

Google Cloud

  • Google Cloud account linking
  • Compute Engine VM Instances import
  • VM pricing 
  • Add/delete VMs


  • Packet account linking
  • Bare Metal server import
  • Bare Metal pricing 
  • Add/delete Bare Metal server


  • Quickbooks Account linking
  • Orders and Payments sent directly to QB account


  • Email Delivery


  • Credit card processing

Wasabi Storage

  • New Account Setup
  • S3 bucket management
  • S3 Access Key management
  • Control Account API interaction