Lawyers need the cloud too?

In an article on the website about the use of Cloud services in the legal world (found here), it becomes apparent that no part of the economy is immune to the advances in technology. Lawyers, much like any other group of professionals, are subject to the same scrutiny and need for price transparency which has transformed other industries overnight. With advances in AI and the globalization of research, in many ways the legal world is being forced into the world of IT.

But there seems to be a problem;

– The reality is, the majority of effort and investment is actually being applied to building and maintaining traditional on premise or co-located IT infrastructures. These infrastructures, made up of servers, storage, and networks are expensive and increasingly complex to manage

The major law firms in the world are finding themselves in a quandary. How do they become more efficient and effective as counsel using a secure cloud environment? The reality is that the public cloud is much more secure than those held on-prem. Especially when the core business is NOT IT! The legal world will discover what most every other industry has learned…You either are disrupted or you become the disruptor.

Those who are the fastest to embrace the evolution of services will eventually be the disruptors. They will migrate to the public cloud and will procure those services in the most cost effective manner. Those who want to layer themselves into the new digital world should be looking for partners that can provide the right solutions at the right price, rather than dealing with the challenges that come from “one size fits all” options, tools they don’t need, and contracts that trap them for too long relative to their ever-changing needs.

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