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Connect with your Business Development Representative

When you join UCX, a dedicated Business Development Representative is assigned to you. 

They’ll make sure you have a smooth onboarding process, and the top-tier support you need to succeed.

Every brand has different needs, so we've built a flexible onboarding process that offers multiple options depending on your requirements.

Brand Onboarding

Leverage the UCX network to increase revenue and exposure through affiliates.

We create your fully branded online storefront for your products and set up your online ordering portal. 

  • Your personalized online storefront includes your logo, company description, contact information, highlights, and more.
  • Your online ordering portal allows you to view and manage orders, view and update customer information, invoicing, and more.

Your Business Development Representative creates or imports your product into your channel. The UCX Product Builder feature enables us to productize even the most complex products.

Everything from pictures, attributes, features, or any other product specs is easily applied. With custom configuration, we add attributes, variants, create product categories, and more.

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Once your channel is ready we add it in the Brand Directory, where it is selected by affiliates in the UCX network who pick up and sell your products.

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Once your brand is selected by affiliates who want to pick up and sell your products, we create price books and assign commissions. We can create a default price book for all your affiliates or custom price books for individual affiliates or products. 

We cover the technical part, setting up product prices and commission rates according to your specifications:

Create and assign price books
Create default or custom price books for different partner and product levels, control wholesale price, and set profit percentages for your distributors and resellers.

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Automate commission payouts
Set custom commission rates and automate calculation, payouts, reporting, and more. With automated commissions, you ensure fast and accurate payouts.

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By automating price books and commissions we empower you to manage channel sales simpler and in less time.

We can also integrate additional features into your channel for increased efficiency and functionality. With integrations of your choice, we streamline processes, enhance workflows, and upgrade your customer experience.

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We walk you through and provide all the information you need to utilize all the powerful features of our platform.

Your dedicated Business Development Representative ensures a smooth onboarding process and after-care service. We are there to solve any problems you experience and to make your channel sales a success, ensuring that all aspects of your business are taken care of.


More resources at your fingertips

Grow your channel ecosystem, boost your digital identity or just improve on your channel sales. We have a selection of solutions to make that happen:

Website Solutions

Attract more customers with a new, dynamic and modern design. Our team of professionals quickly revamps your existing website or creates a new, fresh, and intuitive one from scratch.

Channel Support

Recruit new resellers, promote your products, engage with new customers, and have full control over your channel sales.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Grab the attention of your customers through email marketing, landing pages, visual identity, social media marketing, and quality digital designs.